The Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti is a comprehensive, portable biofeedback electrical stimulation system designed for orthopaedic and neurological patients. What makes the Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti so unique is the biofeedback triggered stimulation programs along with the revolutionary foot drop technology. The device delivers stimulation to the targeted muscles based on the client’s very own EMG signal. This all-in-one clinical treatment provides the total body solution like no other.

Power Couple. Biofeedback and electrical stimulation.

Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti

Biofeedback. See and hear your muscles like never before.

Biofeedback or Electromyography (EMG) is a non-invasive technique designed for measuring electrical activity that occurs during muscle contraction and relaxation. It is a tool used to help patients learn new tasks or modify existing motor patterns. Auditory and visual cues provide instantaneous feedback.

Electrical stimulation or neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is a technique used to elicit a muscle contraction using electrical impulses. Electrodes, controlled by a unit, are placed on the skin over a predetermined area. Electrical current is then sent from the unit to the electrodes and delivered into the muscle causing a contraction. A few of the benefits seen with electrical stimulation include increased strength, improved range of motion, and decreased pain.

Electrical Stimulation. Overcome weakness and improve function.


EMG Triggered Stimulation is the combination of biofeedback and electrical stimulation. It is based on the client's own voluntary muscle activity. This "volitional" based application requires the client to actively participate (i.e., contract a muscle) in order to receive stimulation to the same area.

  • The clinician will set the prescribed threshold that the client must reach when activating his or her muscles.
  • Once the client exceeds the threshold, stimulation is triggered to enhance the already achieved muscle contraction beyond the client’s actual ability.
  • Visual and auditory feedback allow the client to monitor progress. Through this cognitive relearning process, cortical plasticity may be achieved.

EMG-Triggered Stimulation. You control the treatment instead of the treatment controlling you.

How does it work?


Reciprocal EMG-Triggered Stimulation. A radically new approach to managing spasticity.

Saebo is pleased to introduce the exciting patent pending Reciprocal EMG Triggered Stimulation (RETS) program. The RETS program is ideal for clients with increased tone that have difficulty relaxing or shutting off their spastic muscles. The biofeedback stimulation program involves both the agonist and antagonist muscles and is triggered upon relaxation of the spastic muscles.

How does it work?

Stimulation is triggered to the desired muscle group (i.e., finger extensors, elbow extensors etc.) once the client deactivates or relaxes the opposite spastic muscle group (i.e., spastic finger flexors, elbow flexors etc.).

Remedial Approach to Foot Drop Treatment. Meet your calf muscles.

Patients suffering from foot drop can also benefit from Saebo’s specialised biofeedback triggered stimulation technology. Often times, neurological clients suffering from hemiparesis have very little strength and control of their plantarflexors (calf muscles). Whether sitting, standing or walking, Saebo’s Myotrac Infiniti allows clients to relearn how to adequately contract and relax the affected calf muscles while simultaneously receiving stimulation to the opposite muscles (dorsiflexors) to lift the foot.

The unit monitors the client’s calf muscle EMG signals and triggers the stimulation to the dorsiflexors following adequate contraction and relaxation. Once the client “shuts off” or relaxes the plantarflexors, the stimulation will be delivered to the weakened dorsiflexors to lift the foot.

How does it work?


Struggling to Achieve Optimum Movement? Electrical stimulation alone may not be enough.

Clients suffering from spasticity and soft tissue shortening may experience difficulty achieving the desired motion with electrical stimulation alone. Often times, in addition to the stimulation, the client will require help from a clinician or family member to move the affected limb properly or will need mechanical assistance (i.e., orthosis) to achieve the task.


Best of Both Worlds.

Combination of biofeedback 

stimulation and Saebo orthoses.

Saebo’s Orthoses offer a biomechanical advantage that is beneficial when applying electrical stimulation to the neurological hand. By supporting the affected hand in a functional position, proper length-tension relationship can be achieved during grasp and release activities.

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